In the country of Guatemala, the patients and their families have an amazing ability to wait patiently.  They wait their turn to be evaluated by the medical team on intake day.  They wait to be admitted on surgery day and they wait to be released day after surgery.  They never complain, they just wait with smiles and hugs.  The parent or grandparent are very grateful when the child is cleared for a procedure that will transform their lives. While the children wait for their surgery they play together with toys and games.  There is no arguing between them.  They share, and when it’s time for them to return to their rooms, they put all the toys away neatly. 

Last night’s arrivals are showered and ready for their surgeries.  There are a variety of surgeries that are to be preformed today, including bone graft, rhinoplasty, fistula, palate and revisions.



Nan Madden Pediatric NP, says goodbye to one of the patients who has had successful surgery and will be returning home with her family.


Yesterdays patients are being discharged to go home after their successful surgeries.  They are happy and appreciative but a bit tired.  Everyone’s goodbyes are mutually heartfelt and very emotional since we fall in love with each child.



“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”

– Maya Angelou