Koby, 3 years old walked in yesterday with his parents. I visit him this morning in the ward.  This happy little guy cheerfully plays matchbox cars with Rowen, also 3 years old.Together they are transported to the surgical floor where they escape the heat and humidity of the ward. They continue to play in an air conditioned waiting room full of toys brought by members of the Rotaplast team. Both children have their palates repaired today.Today is going to be a busy day. Fourteen palate repairs are scheduled. This includes some walk ins from yesterday.  In total, we’ve added seven more patients to the schedule for the final two days of surgery. Medical Director Dr. Rod Simonds checks the surgical schedule for all three operating tables.By late morning, Rowan is recovering with his grandmother (above). Right about the same time, Koby’s operation is complete. He’s transferred from the OR to recovery by Dr. Puya Hosseini and Victoria Slama, RN. Koby’s  mother holds her post-op sleeping son.  Her smiles says it all.

  1. Cres, 3 years old (above) and JM, 2 years old (below) lips remain a little swollen a day after surgery.  The swelling will go down in a matter of a few days.