It’s Day 2 and time to get down to business. It became evident that the team members were excited about the Mission as evidenced in their arrival at breakfast with their backpacks filled with gifts for the children. After a short but enthusiastic team meeting, we headed over to the Vijay Heart and General Hospital to start the process of intake for the upcoming surgeries.

This first day allows for us to meet the patients, whereupon decisions are made on the types and feasibility of surgery, given the individual perimeters of age, weight and hemoglobin levels. There is lots of energy and electricity in the air as the families gather in the hallway, patiently waiting their turn for intake. Each station takes them closer to restoring a smile or smoothing their burned skin. Many have done this before, several have driven up to five hours to reach this destination but all are hopeful. While there is anticipation in the air, there is a sense of quiet that accompanies hope.

Neetu love to do selfies.

Little Aian loves hats.

Most of the patients have come accompanied by other family members who extend love and support to the child or young adult who is destined for surgery. Each patient is assigned a number which will eventually be written on their forearm as identification and allow them to proceed to the next step. This tattoo is their ticket to change!
The day gave us time to familiarize ourselves with the families, the workings of the hospital but above all, to strengthen ourselves as a cohesive team unified in success for our Mission in meeting each child’s needs.

My name is Master, and that is who I will become!

Sweet Jiya!

Today’s blog is simply an opportunity to introduce some of the patients and families who are already stealing our hearts with their personal sense of strength, of courage and fortitude. As the days go on, you will meet some of the individual patients on a more personal level, but today you will get a snippit of some of these endearing and loving children and young adults.

Namaste Nitesh!