The mission begins with a clinic to meet all prospective patients. Word went out across the region that Rotaplast is coming. Families were scheduled to arrive throughout the day to reduce waiting time.

The opening clinic is the busiest day of a mission. Our team of seasoned Rotaplast pros made the day run smoothly while providing comprehensive evaluations for over 100 prospective patients.

The hospital lobby was adorned with a happy, colorful display that read, “Welcome because it’s worth the effort to see you smile.” Included with the children in the photo above are, from left, Dr. Diana Correa, Colombian government liaison to Rotaplast; Elizabeth, Rotary Club of Urabá; Luz Eugenia, hospital administrator; Lena Arango, Rotary Club of Urabá.

First stop of the clinic is registration. Assisting with that are Urabá Rotary volunteer, Leon; Sonoma State Rotaractor, Monica Morales; Leslee Hamilton, Medical Records.

Dr. Jim Leake conducts a surgical evaluation assisted by Carol Hager, RN and Eduardo, translator from the local Sena Institute.

Rene Hollandsworth, RN checks vital signs.

Karen Davis, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, reviews the patient’s health history.

Dr. Sandy McCulloch, provides surgical evaluation.

Pat Leake, RN, who will work in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, checks vital signs.

Cesar Restrepo, dental tech (left) and Hector Villegas, DDS pair up for dental evaluations.

Even the Colombian Army stopped by to entertain everyone with the mission. Jaime Chavez, mission quartermaster and Sharon Newton, RN, head nurse, join in the fun.

…and everyone is here to save smiles and change the lives of children.