Esneida, 15 years old, was born with a cleft lip. Her 13 year old brother was born with both a cleft lip and palate. They are from the indigenous Embera tribe. As infants, they went to Medellín for treatment and remained there for a year.

Their mother, Omayra, heard about Rotaplast and they arrived on day 4 of the mission. Both children need repair of their fistula, a hole between the mouth and nose. When they drink, liquid can pass into their noses.

Their pediatric examination revealed they were starting to get colds, which would make them unable to have surgery. We suggested that they come back next week when they are better. But traveling back and forth was not an option they could manage.

Esneida began advocating for them and asked for two other doctors to check them. With the further evaluation, they were approved for treatment tomorrow if they could stay overnight in Apartadó.

However, there was only space on the schedule for one of them to be treated. With that, Esneida wanted her brother to be the one selected for surgery. It became an emotional moment for the whole family.