Every moment is busy at Rotaplast. I have stopped counting the number of surgeries completed or upcoming or patients waiting or parents worried and just look for the smiles because that is why we are here and what is all it is all about, and they are all around. Even though we each have our assigned roles, there are many crazy busy moments; when a child comes out of surgery, or when there is much to do and everyone pitches in to do whatever needs to be done to makes sure that child is comfortable, or things get set up correctly or people need to get found or fed or whatever. One thing is for certain, this is the most amazing group of people I have ever been lucky enough to work with (even though none of it seems like work.)

See for yourself.

This is Kehily. She traveled to Rotaplast by bus with her mother. She has a cleft palate and lip. She will have the first of many surgeries today. Over the years, she will have to have many more to ensure that she can eat and talk properly. The next one will be in a year.

This is Kehily’s incredible surgical team, Dr. Benacci, Dr. Ryan,  and Mari Jose Kapunan, OR Nurseperforming Kehily’s first surgery. Coming around from a Rotaplast surgery is tough for a little person but luckily we have a crackerjack PACU team. They help mom her and comfort her and give her fluids to start the long recovery

Both of our PACU nurses were busy with babies today. Ligaya is  calming Eric, a 3 month old. Ligaya has been in nursing for over 40 years. She has been on 33 missions (Rotoplast and disaster relief) all as PACU nurse.

Izzy is our head PACU Nurse. She is helping a mother give some juice to her daughter. Izzy has also been in pediatrics for a very long time. Her focus is on the older children.

Rotaplast volunteers are many, and we are here to help every little one through it.


And we send everyone home with a smile!