There are so many incredible stories to tell about Rotaplast every day, every family we meet, every child who smiles. It is hard to pick just one to talk about each day. But today its Mother’s Day. (Not that we haven’t met just as many wonderful, amazing fathers). It’s just that when the little ones come out of surgery and they are disorientated, and maybe in a little bit of pain, it is mom that they are looking for so today we celebrate their love and devotion.

Mom’s give the best hugs and know just what to say, although one of our volunteers, Wendy, chimed in and helped sooth this little girl with a lullaby in English, while her mother sang in in Spanish and it seemed to do the trick.

And these beautiful quilts made by volunteers all around the country, given to each and every child, help keep both mum and child cosey.

Waking up is so hard to do, but so much easier if mum is holding me close!

One Great Dad

I know I said this blog was all about mom’s but I also said its hard to keep them to just one story so just a quick one about a great dad who found Rotaplast for his son. As they were taking his son in for surgery, that dad threw his arms around Andy and gave him a big hug and a “Thank you so much for doing this for my son. I could never have afforded this on my own”. So Andy, who is one of our volunteers and stays with the families right before surgery and then with the parents, during to help ease their anxiety, asked him what he did. The dad said ” Every morning I buy bread from the bakery and then, I sell it on the street.”

And this is why we are all volunteers at Rotaplast and why we raise money and offer all the services free. This is exactly why.

One Great Best Friend

Not quite a mom but the next best thing is a best friend. I would like you to meet Florentina. She is the best friend of Mavdina Perez. If you want to know more about Mavdina, you will have to tune in tomorrow. Florentina traveled 15 hours by bus with Mavdina who required very extensive muscle and lip repair around her mouth. Florentina will stay in the hospital with Mavdina for 3 days, and by “STAY”, I mean sleep in a plastic chair at her friend’s bedside, before helping her friend travel back home, 15 hours on a bus because no one but Mavdina was able to travel with her.

Final Thought

One of our first patients wrote us this touching Thank-You Card. I thought I would share it with you and with all the Mom’s and Dad’s and Best Friends out there.