We are fortunate to have some very special non-medical volunteers on this mission who are also highly skilled medical professionals.  PACU Assistant Ligaya Agustin and Patient Coordinator Deborah Dean are both Registered Nurses.  Even though their roles are non-medical in nature, they bring to the mission added medical support and experience.

Deborah, as seen here providing assistance to a patient prior to surgery, is comforting. Even with the language barrier, she is able to sooth the anxiety of the patient and their parent.

Ligaya (right, seen here with Dr. Barb) has been working closely with the local nurses monitoring the patients once they leave the PACU.  It’s a very important role which involves lots of tough love.

Club of Portsmouth

There are five members from the Rotary of Club of Portsmouth New Hampshire on this mission.  They bring with them their camaraderie, work ethic and a wicked sense of humour.  We may not always get their inside jokes but they do provide us with some comedy relief.

Mission Director Rotarian Ted Alex  (Past President of their club and on his 14th mission) spending time with the local school sponsored by the Rotary Club of Narnaul.

Sterilizer Rotarian James Paterson (Past President of their club and on his 2nd mission) stretching (or is that dancing?) in between autoclave tray prep.

Quartermaster Mark Syracusa is our team support liaison. He ensures that we are as comfortable as can possibly be while away from our homes and families.

Ward Coodinator Rotarian Robert Herold, on his second mission,

Recreation Therapist Kevin Shultz, on his first mission, is reliving his childhood getting to put together puzzles, blow bubbles, color, draw and blow up balloons.  He is a natural with the children (until he makes them cry).

Patients come and go but fill our hearts

Eight month old Gunjan required a unilateral left clip repair. She’s one of the luckier ones having this surgery at a young age.  Her scaring will be minimal, if at all noticeable.

Each volunteer role with Rotaplast is integral to the care of a patient. Without each other, we could not have successful missions.  We are better together.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller