Today, the surgeries start.  The patients and the families consider the changes that these surgeries will bring to their families.

First a debriefing by Lead Anesthesiologist Dr. Fleming.  Then all to their posts.  The families came the night before to be ready for surgeries in the morning.  Unity Hospital has been very generous with their hospital.  Unity Hospital stopped taking their patients to allow room for Rotaplast to come and use the operating rooms for eight days.  Thank you Unity Hospital!

There are three operating rooms up and running with surgeries.

Coordination and communication is paramount to a successful mission.

Head Nurse Jodelle Myhre consults with Surgeon Dr. Leake for the days schedule.

Then she chats with Lead Pediatrician Dr. Goel.

The Anesthesia Resident  Jeffrey Tully, M.D. is ready for surgery.

Recreational therapist Richard Shope is responsible for providing activities for the patients and their families to keep them occupied as they wait for their turn.

Richard with Nikhil Kuman looking at the hot pad he made.

Dad takes over making the hot pad as the patient reclines watching him.

For one family, the hot pad weaver entertained everyone.

Dad makes the hot pad.

Mom put the strings on a plastic rod and entertained the baby as she awaits surgery.

Today is Nikhil’s birthday.  He is 17 today and he is getting his hand fixed.  When he was just a toddler, he was crawling around and put his hand into boiling water.  As the scars healed and constricted, Nikhil’s hand lost its mobility.  That was fixed today.  Nikhil says he is good at studying and when his hand is fixed, he wants to become a doctor.

Nikhil and his Mother.

Dr. Goel learns that it is Nikhil’s birthday and gives him a congratulatory B-Day hug.

Dr. Solis delicately repairs Nikhil’s hand.

Nikhil was not the only one with a birthday today.  Our intrepid Quartermaster Mark Mariscal’s Birthday is today.  Happy Birthday!  (The age is a secret that will not be disclosed herein.)

Mark & Rahul out and about getting supplies. Today, we needed razors.

Most importantly, today we did 11 surgeries….a great start.  Stay tuned for more updates.