Today was the 6th day of surgeries and all  gave their best effort which resulted in 18 surgeries!  Thanks team.

Baby Ruby

We had multiple cleft lip and palate surgeries today.  But the most memorable for the Rotary Club of Firozabad and the Rotary Club of Taj Mahal is Baby Ruby.  Last year, Baby Ruby came to the medical mission but she was underweight and sick.  So, the Rotary Club of Firozabad and the Rotary Club of Taj Mahal provided her milk and medicine for six months and this year, she was healthy enough to have surgery.


Kajal is very inquisitive and his Mother beamed as she held him anticipating surgery.  Then, as she was wheeled with him out to see Kajal’s Father, he was also very happy with the surgery.

“No Nos”

For the babies getting cleft lip or palate surgeries, they are given “No Nos”.  These are tongue depressors covered with flannel fabric that are wrapped around their arms so they cannot bend their arms and reach for their mouth.  Head Nurse Myhre’s Mother made the “No Nos” for this trip.  Thanks Nurse Myhre’s Mom!

Medical Records are in Good Hands

Keeping track of all the medical records and record keeping is a huge job.  With files going in and out in multiple hands, it is not an easy job but Mary Ann does a great job.  Her experience on 5 other missions shows as she diligently maintains all the records for this mission.

Work Colleagues At Home & Abroad

Head Nurse Myhre and Nurse Byrd have worked together for years in Colorado.  They are also the dynamic duo here in India.