It’s a new day. Another chance to discover And rediscover And make changes And enjoy life. A chance to reach out. A chance to hold on To the things that are dear. It’s a new day. Another opportunity. A chance to live And love And laugh; The chance of a lifetime- by Walterrean Salley

As the new day begins for our patients, it also brings new a new chapter in their lives as well as in the lives of their family members. Whether its a new smile, the ability to eat or drink from a bottle better due to a now closed palate, or having the courage to have their pictures taken because they are no longer ashamed of how they look, our team has helps thousands of children around the world to start the day after their surgeries with a new smile and a new and positive outlook on life.

Today we start our day in the pre-op area. Here our new patients are being examined for covid by Daniel, having one more check up, by Dr. Shay, and coloring with Jaime and Cyndie to help ease the stress of the day.

We then headed over to the ward to check in on our patients who have had surgeries over the last few days.

Meet Julio

Each morning, with a warm and caring smile on his face, Julio greets us in front of the hotel and drives us safely to hospital. Julio has been with us since our first day in Guatemala. He has been helping Rotaplast for the last 9 years, since he was introduced to the organization by a rotarian from the Rotary Club of Guatemala de la Asunción. When asked this morning what his thoughts were about our organizations, Julio said, “Its wonderful, God bless everyone in Rotaplast for helping the children of Guatemala.”