Ferney and his beautiful mam.

Moms are the force behind beautiful transformations.

Goodbye Doctor Jorge we are going to miss you!!!

By Jorge Espana, MD (Surgeon, Colombia)

Hello dear friends. How proud to be part of this wonderful group of human beings dedicated to the noble cause of serving. Love for others, love for patients and their families,
Love for our country, but above all the love for what they do springs from their hearts. What beautiful people you all are. They radiate incredible energy. That is why the always sure success of all these Rotaplast missions in the world!! I want to apologize for my absence for the first week due to my positive test result. I confess that those days of isolation were difficult for me, my apologies to everyone but especially to the group of surgeons because I know their work increased. I also apologize for my bad English; I hope to improve it. Infinite thanks to all the medical assistance and logistics staff. They all did a wonderful job. Many thanks to Dr. Anne for inviting me and trusting in my work, I hope I have not disappointed you. I hope to see you again very soon, my house at her command in Pereira. I carry them in my heart!! Thank you very much ROTAPLAST family!!!

By Karla Werninghaus, MD (Surgeon)

I am always amazed at the trust families place in us strangers handing us their vulnerable children.

Another beautiful girl ready to go.

Card game before the surgery.

Helping the team to do their job easier.

Matias is ready for a new smile. In the company of his surrogate parents, interestingly, this beautiful child was the one who stole the heart of all of us. He taught us so much, he gave us so much just by existing and became The Child King of this mission, soon Matias will be given up for adoption.

We love you, Matias.

Rotarian at work.

Perfect celebration for the “Quinceañera” with new friends, happy birthday.