The day began with the doctors’, Karla Werninghaus, MD, Luz Karime Morales, Pediatrician and David Morwood, MD, checking-up on their operated patients. Everything looks good and patients can go home!

Doctors Karla Werninghaus, MD and Luz Karime Morales, Pediatrician evaluating patients.

Operating rooms.

The workdays are long, some operations being over two hours long, but the doctors and technical staff remain committed to their patients.

Team of nurses.

The United States and Colombia united by smiles.

Happy posing for the photo.

Clinic for new patients.

Today it was proposed to each member of the Rotaplast team to describe their experience in the mission, Sandy Christensen is the first one.

By Sandy Christensen (Ward Coordinator)

I am in awe of the families that have the FAITH in people and systems they are not familiar with and are willing to entrust their lives or, their children lives and their HOPE of bettering their futures. They BELIEVE in foreign doctors, medical staff and services organization volunteers, as well as the establishment outside of their intimate communities to break the cycle of hopeless.

By Alan Bowman (Patient Transporter)

This has restored my belief that kind, generous, gentle and trusting people still exist.

By Andre Smith (Medical Records)

It is amazing to bring a dedicated group of local and non-local people together to give their time and expertise to the patients and their families. This has warmed my heart. What I have learned has changed the way I view the gift of life and giving selflessly to others. Thank you.