All our patients were special, but one in particular will stay in my heart for the rest of my life. A beautiful 20-year-old young lady came to us hoping for a revision of her burn-related surgeries. She has specifically asked that we not post any pictures showing her face so just trust me that she showed a calm serenity about her unfortunate circumstances, definitely a lesson in grace for the rest of us.

Two years ago she was studying late, fell asleep, thought she smelled smoke and then ran out of her house. Once outside she either tripped or fainted (slightly differing versions from 2 translators). As she fell, her left arm landed on the coal fire outside used for heating. Being unconscious, her arm remained on the hot coals for 2 hours before she was discovered. She has now had 5 surgeries in Egypt, prior to coming to us.

The first surgery had grafted her arm to her abdomen. After her arm was released, she was left with a disfiguring bulking around her wrist. She dressed herself with a long sleeve pulled down over her hand….her greatest desire being just a more normal shaped wrist.

With a smile on her face, she walked calmly into the OR….total trust in what lay ahead. Dr. Chris, Dr. Angelo, and our Egyptian colleague Dr. George were waiting to help her. After the bulky excess tissue was removed, 3 surgeons working together refined her scarring.

We are keeping in touch with her via WhatsApp. She has already reported that she was thrilled by her first look when the bandages came off, and wanted to make sure all the doctors knew how happy she is.  We hope all her future dreams come true.  She has completed two years at university, working towards a law degree.  She hopes to teach in a law school someday.