Safely home and time for reflection.

Lives changed, hopes restored. Faces and stories we will never forget. A team that worked together incredibly well. Our welcoming hosts. New friends among our Egyptian colleagues and the volunteers who selflessly worked many hours to support this mission. Perfecting the art of smiling with our N95 masks. So tired every evening and then eager to get up and do it all over again the next day.

In total we registered over 170 patients, every interaction requiring the help of a translator. Many of these patients had needs that were out of our expertise, but each and every one was evaluated by a doctor (again, with a translator). If surgery was not needed, they were at least counseled about their situation, and referrals offered when possible. Every day was busy!

In the words of Mission Director Sangita Seshadri, PhD, “During these turbulent times, the Rotaplast team in Luxor has emerged as true ambassadors of goodwill. Our impactful work has left a lasting impression on the community, evident not just through the gratitude in the eyes of the parents but also the appreciation from people in the bazaar, the horse carriage operators, and the transport providers. The dedicated effort of our team has undeniably made a significant difference in the lives of these individuals. Our compassionate work brings hope and positive change to those in need.”

The team thanks you, Sangita. You were an inspiration and great to work with!

Dr. Angelo Capozzi (Medical Director for the mission), Dr. Eman Sallam (RC of Cairo South, our sponsor), with Sangita.Surgeon Dr. George Gameel who will provide follow-up care to our patients as needed.

Surgeons Dr. Hatem and Dr. Mena (who didn’t need translators.) Medical collaboration across continents contributes to the sustainability of Rotaplast missions.

Thank you AFS leaders Germine and Fatma. You brought a great team of translators who made this mission possible. They worked hard but were also such fun to be around.

Representative of the many appreciative families as they left the hospital. The daughter hasn’t healed quite enough to smile, but she made a point of finding us to say thank you.

The smile says it all.

In the arms of Helen, singing The Castle of  Dromore. An emotion we all felt.

As your mission historian I was honored to be a part of this team. And as Director of Wrap-A-Smile I have truly seen the value of the quilts. Thank you to the quilters from across the US who provide these colorful gifts of love and comfort. (We need to keep sewing!)

Goodbye, Luxor. We are taking many good memories with us.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!  Overheard one day in the break room: Paula shouts out “Hey, Angelo. Think we’re getting too old for these trips?”  To which Angelo replies, “Nope, just getting started!”