The medical boxes have been packed, ready to accompany the Rotaplast team as they fly through the night tonight, from San Francisco to New York City, and then on to Egypt.

Among those boxes will be enough hand made colorful quilts to share with every patient who is treated during this 10-day mission to Luxor.

The historian for this mission is also the director of Wrap-A-Smile, the national network of quilters who share their gifts of love with Rotaplast patients. You can be assured that her personal suitcase is filled with quilts as well.

Quilts serve many roles. They cover the patient on the operating table, they comfort the patient during recovery, and they go home with the family as a remembrance of the day a smile was restored. They also add color and joy to the hospital surroundings.

Many of the quilts to be shared in Luxor were made in memory of Terry Hodskins, a Rotarian from Wells, Maine, whose inspiration started Wrap-A-Smile.  Others were made in memory of Carol Egan, daughter of a long-time Rotarian, who brought Wrap-A-Smile to the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild.  The talented quilters of the Sunshine Guild have contributed hundreds of quilts to Rotaplast missions….and they continue to be an energetic source of quilts for future missions.

Rotaplast thanks Wrap-A-Smile for the LOVE.Anyone desiring more information about Wrap-A-Smile can contact