While cleft lip and palate surgeries are the focus of Rotaplast, we also provide other services for patients to improve their lives. You already know we treat burn victims as well as cleft lip and palate surgeries, but did you know we have an orthodontist on our team?

Dr. Paul Helpard is an orthodontist from Vancouver, Canada. Sometimes tooth extractions are needed as part of the process (or as Dr. Paul my Canadian friend would say PRO cess) and who better than an orthodontist for the procedure? Dr. Helpard also does things like create retainers for children who may need them. This little girl had a tiny hole in the back of her palate that didn’t justify surgery but could also be covered with a device custom made by Dr. Helpard.  After making a mold, he constructed the device, custom fit it, and then showed her parents how to clean and take care of it.

Some surgeries require special splints or physical therapy for patients to fully reach their potential while healing. We are also lucky to have our own Occupational Therapist. Kristin Koch OT is shown here making a splint to help a patient reach his full range of motion after surgery. Kristen does splinting in the OR, splinting in clinic, stretches, strengthening, scar management (scar massage, compression techniques with local clothing options) teaching compensatory strategies for patients that don’t have fully functioning hands or arms and making patients feel more confident in their abilities to do things on their own. She is also always seen bedside in pre-op providing comfort and building relationships with patients which she believes helps in post-op OT sessions.