Hundreds of people from Kampala, Uganda, and the surrounding areas arrived at Kiruddu Referral Hospital for a chance to be seen by our Rotaplast team. They hope to receive treatment for cleft lips, cleft palates, and burn contractures, seeking relief and transformation through the team’s specialized care.

Lillian Nakibombo, an employee of the MCPF (Melissa Prandi Children Foundation), along with Dr. David Morwood and Covid Safety Officer Dr. Arzoo Salami, are excited as our preclinical screenings commence. Their enthusiasm reflects the team’s dedication to providing crucial medical care to those in need.

As we drove to Kiruddu Referral Hospital from our hotel at 7 a.m., the city of Kampala was already bustling with activity. People were preparing for their day, opening their stores, and traveling to work. The air was filled with the distinct aromas of food and the smoke from fires used to heat homes and businesses, adding to the vibrant morning atmosphere.

During the screening, Dr. Melissa Rinck, DDS, carefully inspected a patient’s mouth to determine how we could assist them while also providing education on healthy dental practices. Her dual focus on treatment and education aims to ensure lasting oral health improvements for the patients.

Quartermaster Gary Butler handed Lead Pediatrician Dr. Rene Clement Vreuls a bottle of water, exemplifying one of his many roles in keeping our team healthy and hydrated during the mission. Gary’s dedication to ensuring the team’s well-being is crucial to our efforts’ success.

During our welcoming meeting, Medical Director Dr. Angelo Capozzi spoke with a group of doctors and interns from Kiruddu Referral Hospital about the exciting opportunity to collaborate during this Rotaplast mission in Kampala. His discussion highlighted the potential for shared learning and impactful teamwork.