A joyful young child waves and smiles while recovering in the ward, enjoying a banana. In the background, the child’s mother sits with a beaming smile, watching her child with relief and happiness.

Pediatrician Dr. Bernard “Boony” Thio shares a lighthearted moment with the young patient, giving them a friendly knuckle bump. This simple gesture brings a smile to the child’s face, highlighting the compassionate care and connection between the medical team and their patients.

Surgeon Dr. David Morwood performs surgery on a patient with a burn contracture, while Dr. Angelo Capozzi, Dr. Sibrand Schepel, and Ugandan doctors and residents observe and assist. This collaborative effort showcases the shared expertise and teamwork essential for successful outcomes during our mission.

A mother and daughter sit smiling on a mat on the floor of the ward, waiting for the daughter to receive a life-changing surgery for her burns. Their expressions of hope and anticipation reflect the profound impact this procedure will have on their lives, underscoring the importance of our mission.

Surgeon Dr. Sibrand Schepel performs surgery while doctors and residents from Kiruddu National Referral Hospital in Uganda watch and assist. This collaborative effort highlights the valuable exchange of knowledge and skills, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in providing exceptional patient care during our mission.

Recreation therapist Trina Coffman-Gomez beams as she puts her arm around a member of the local Ugandan Rotaract, proudly displaying a necklace they made together. The necklace features small photos capturing the memories of Rotaplast mission patients during their stay at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital, symbolizing the joy and connection fostered through this collaborative effort.

Surgeon Dr. Karla Werninghaus collaborates with two local Ugandan doctors to perform a surgery. This teamwork not only enhances the surgical outcome but also fosters a valuable exchange of expertise and skills, strengthening the medical community’s capabilities during our mission.

A child, lying on their belly on a bed in the ward, smiles brightly. Their cheerful expression brings warmth and positivity to the atmosphere, reflecting the care and support they receive during their recovery.

In the ward, our Recreation Therapist, Trina Coffman-Gomez, shares a heartwarming moment with a smiling mother and her young daughter, who is recovering from surgery earlier in the day. Their smiles reflect a sense of relief and comfort, embodying the supportive environment of our mission. In these moments of connection and care, the true essence of our work shines through, offering solace and healing to patients and their families.

In the PACU, a mother gently cradles a donated Wrap-a-Smile quilt in her hand, her smile lighting up as she watches her child waking up from surgery. This tender moment encapsulates the warmth and compassion that defines Rotaplast’s mission. Through the generosity of donors and the dedication of our team, we not only provide essential medical care but also offer comfort and support to families during their journey towards healing.

Anesthesiologist Leigh Pederson gestures with one arm while sitting beside Anesthesiologist Laura Joanne Davis, her arm affectionately around her colleague’s shoulders. Engaged in conversation, they discuss the nuances of the current case and review anesthesia equipment. This collaborative exchange embodies the spirit of teamwork and expertise that characterizes every aspect of Rotaplast’s mission. With their dedication and synergy, the team ensures the highest standards of care for every patient they serve.