Surgeon Karla Werninghaus, MD carefully inspects a young boy’s burn contracture on his arm, ensuring she understands the full extent of the injury before proceeding with the surgery.

Anesthesiologist Laura Joanne Davis points at the schedule for the final day of surgeries for the mission, while a local Ugandan resident nurse examines it alongside her.

Local Ugandan plastic surgeon Julius enjoys a plate of delicious food during a lunch break, with meals provided by a local Ugandan family from Solomons’ Outside Catering.

A representative from the Ugandan Ministry of Health speaks into a microphone during a celebratory program honoring the Rotaplast team.

Medical Director Angelo Capozzi, MD, and Mission Director Brian Walker ceremoniously cut the cake alongside dignitaries from the Kiruddu National Referral Hospital, the Ugandan Ministry of Health, and the President of the Rotary Club of Kampala-Nsambya.

A group poses for a photo outside the hospital, featuring Medical Director Angelo Capozzi, MD, Mission Director Brian Walker, dignitaries from the Kiruddu National Referral Hospital, representatives from the Ugandan Ministry of Health, the President of the Rotary Club of Kampala-Nsambya, and additional staff from Kiruddu Hospital.

The award presented to Angelo Capozzi and the Rotaplast team in Uganda is captured in a photograph, prominently displayed on a desk. This image symbolizes the team’s impactful work and the recognition they received for their efforts in providing essential medical care and support to those in need.

From a bird’s-eye view, the surgical scene unfolds with precision and readiness as a nurse stands poised to assist, her hand extending towards a surgical dermatome. This specialized instrument, reminiscent of an electric razor but designed with an oscillating blade, delicately removes layers of skin at a precise depth. The meticulous preparation and focus underscore the dedication of the medical team, ensuring each surgical procedure is executed with expertise and care at every step.

Surgeon David Morwood, MD, and Medical Records and Rotaplast Board member Barbara Hernandez share a joyful moment dancing together in the hospital’s tea/break room, marking the culmination of the final surgeries and the successful conclusion of the mission. Their celebratory dance embodies the camaraderie and spirit that has defined the Rotaplast team’s journey in Uganda, reflecting not only the completion of life-changing surgeries but also the bonds formed and the impact made on the local community.

Three local Ugandan surgeons share a moment of camaraderie in the tea/break room, their laughter echoing the spirit of collaboration and shared mission at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital. Amidst the bustle of the final surgeries, their laughter serves as a reminder of the bonds forged during this impactful mission. Their dedication and skill have been instrumental in providing critical surgical care alongside the Rotaplast team, marking a memorable conclusion to the mission.

Anesthesiologist Laura Joanne Davis holds a young patient about to undergo surgery for a burn contracture. In the background, Medical Sterilizer and Quartermaster Gary Butler poses, capturing a moment of teamwork and dedication during the mission.

Anesthesiologist Leigh Pederson, MD, Covid Safety Officer Arzoo Salami, MD, and Anesthesiologist Laura Joanne Davis stand with their arms around each other, celebrating the final day of surgeries for the Rotaplast mission.

Local Ugandan doctor Solomon Nabongo and Quartermaster/Medical Sterilizer Gary Butler pose together after working closely over the past few weeks. When a tool was too large to fit in the autoclave, the local staff stepped in to sterilize the equipment, exemplifying the teamwork and collaboration essential to the mission’s success.

Covid Safety Officer Arzoo Salami, MD poses with the local Ugandan doctors and interns from Kiruddu National Referral Hospital who played a vital role in the success of our mission to Kampala, Uganda. Their collaboration and dedication were crucial to the mission’s achievements.

As we drove home from our last day of surgeries, we saw a local Ugandan butcher selling meat to customers at dusk on the side of a street in Kampala. The scene, observed from the window of our bus, added to the vivid tapestry of our experiences during the mission.

We also saw several young people playing pool on an outdoor table under the protection of a tin roof, with a goat eating grass in the foreground. This lively scene added a touch of local charm to our journey home from the final day of surgeries.