Hope.  That word alone sums up clinic day. Today was the day that would mark a new beginning for many parents and children. A new beginning that would allow their child to play with other children, to be accepted in society, to change their lives forever. Today the medical team would meet with parents and children to determine if the patient would be a good candidate for surgery.  After passing through medical records, the pre-screen area, a visit with the dentist and pediatrician, we found that many of the children were good candidates to have the surgery done.  The room was filled with worry, angst, and anticipation of the change that was yet to come. Tomorrow marks the first day in the operating room.

Upon our departure from the hospital we were off to our welcome dinner at the local community museum where we enjoyed a tour, had a beautiful meal with the mayor and enjoyed some cultural music and dancing from the local community children. It was a great day overall and a reminder of why we were here, in Bago City.