I have been a medical volunteer for Rotaplast since 2000. The missions I have been able to participate in around the world with others has given me the opportunity to “reset” what is important in my own life. On one mission, I quoted my favorite music group, The Dave Matthews Band. A very meaningful verse in a song is “if you give you begin to live”. For me, that sums up why I continue to work with this organization.

In addition, working with the children and their families each year reaffirms my love for the practice of medicine. In many instances we practice in an environment that tests our comfort zone, and each time we meet and exceed the challenge. One of my professors once told a group of physicians in training that “medicine is the most noble profession.” As I complete another Rotaplast mission, I can’t imagine not practicing medicine. When I’m working on these missions, it affords me the opportunity to practice medicine in the purest sense compared to the complexities of medicine in the United States.

Alan S Andacht, M.D.

Cebu City 09 D 555

This makes it all worth it!!!  Right letter is from the mother of twins, translated says:
"Thank you and to all other volunteers who's names I did not get, for the help you have given my children. To the team Rotaplast. Thank you very much."