Day 1 at the Hospital Militar- the team arrived at the hospital and were eagerly greeted by 98 walk-in patients, accompanied by their mothers & families. Everyone patiently waited throughout the day to be registered and evaluated by the medical team. Our first patient was 5 year old Brian Joya, a boy who had a cleft lip procedure in 2007 through Rotaplast. Brian was here to be evaluated for a cleft lip revision as well as a cleft palate.  I interviewed Brian's mother, and they traveled 5 hours by bus from the city of Jocoro Maorazan, in order to get to the hospital. The family has 3 children, 2 boys & 1 girl. Brian's mother heard that Rotaplast was returning to San Salvador to provide more surgeries, from a brochure that was circulated throughout the area, and also saw it on the television. Brian was not a happy camper when he realized that he was going to be having another surgery, courtesy of Dr. Jim Callison. Brian was scheduled for the next day's surgical schedule. The photo below show Brian being prepped for surgery, as well as his surgery with Dr. Jim.

P1010281 P1010592

Bears, dolls & beanie babies

 Many thanks to Rotary District 5160, the sponsor of the mission. Team members hand carried some donations (hitch hiking teddy bears (courtesy of the Diablo View RC) from Rotarians in the district. Each child was given a bear, doll or Beanie Baby as well as a hand made quilt. Many thanks to District 5160 & District Governor Earl Kilmer. Rotarian Dany Gregory (San Ramon Valley RC) donated 150 Beanie Babies, which made a huge difference to the kids.