The success of Rotaplast missions rely on our expansive network of our volunteers.  While many of our volunteers come from the medical community, non-medical volunteers serve an especially important role on our missions.  Shirley Dean, from St. Helena California and Agnes Wolfenkamp of Holland are two of our non-medical volunteers.  Both are members of the International Service organization Rotary International and both are compassionate, fun-loving women who love children. 

Agnes, featured on left, and Shirley gear up for the day ahead.

ShirleyFor the Rotaplast Egypt mission, Shirley is the Ward Coordinator.  This position works in tandem with the Pediatrician to admit and discharge patients, as well as coordinates pre and post operative care.  In the photo above she is preparing the schedule and making bed assignments.

Agnes and Balloon


Agnes is the team’s recreation therapist, a position that requires a lot of energy!  The recreation therapists plays with the children before surgery and provides comfort to our young patients after surgery.