We arrive at the clinic at Hospital Universitario San Jorge at 6:30 AM. The site of over 150 people waiting in lines and overflow under tents, brings a lump to our throats.  While we were having juice and eggs, these families have completed sometimes a very long journey and have been in line waiting for us.  We are touched by their patience.

Line Outside Clinic 2

Intake is located outside under cover.  Our first 2 intakes are babies.  We’ve seen the pictures of the condition, cleft lip and palate.  Up close, personal, it breaks our hearts.

The morning and part of the afternoon is spent interviewing the families, taking medical information, ending with a ‘before’ picture of each. We are grateful for high school volunteers who are translating for us.

All the families have such patience.  Many have to stand and wait.  The goal is to get under the tent close to the intake area and wait for their numbers to be called.  They then are ushered to a ramp to the second floor consult area to  wait for medical personnel to evaluate their information.  It’s a long, waiting process with lots of Rotary volunteers and medical people efficiently working together.

The first waiting group

By 11:00 AM Intake has processed 100 hopefuls up to consultation.  By 2:45 PM 200 have had intake.  By 3:30 PM intake is finished and there are lines waiting to get to the busy 2nd floor consultation rooms. 

7:00 PM Intake is finished. Charts are complete. Families have gone.  The first charts have now been reviewed and 10 patients have been contacted to come back tomorrow.