Picture 035  A couple of behind the scenes cases that are being spearheaded by Rotarian Vicky Wallace and mission Dentist, Dr. Mabel Garcia Mattos. The first is a small mal-nourished baby with a cleft lip and palate that was to small and weak to under go surgery and had to be turned away. The baby was so weak that it was apparent that it would not survive, so Mabel and Vicky worked with the local Pediatrician at the hospital to start a feeding program to improve the baby's weight and health. They purchased special high nutrition food from the pharmacy and started the baby on a diet that if followed will probably save the child's life.


The second case is a beautiful 12-year-old  girl that, it was suspected, has severe hearing loss. Mabel and Vicky arranged for a hearing specialist to examine the girl and make recommendations to help her. Vicky also has the local medical staff looking into the possibility of hearing aids. She is scheduled for surgery for a cleft palate on Monday.  Picture 006