Rotaplast patients are very special children. They come to the opening day clinic frightened by all the sights and sounds of these strangers from far away.  But, the smiles and the warmth of our volunteer Rotarians, Physicians, Nurses and Dental team quickly melt through to the children. Bonds form rapidly, and as our team works, the little ones begin to trust.  

Udaipur screen day 1

The opening day clinic is that first giant step toward healing.  At the first day clinic in Udaipur 41 children were screened for potential surgery. 

The children and their parents wait patiently (while OK, some of the children are pretty eager, or nervous) but happy parents have been known to come from miles away and wait patiently for their turn to meet with the surgeons, pediatricians and anesthesia teams. 

Udaipur screen day 3

While our first little infant was just to young for the rigors of surgery, many of the children seen on opening day will be treated here in the days ahead.  That is the good news we travel to give, and that is the good news that parents want to hear too. Doctors look pretty big and scary from a child's point of view. 

Udaipur screeningday 3

Udaipur is a warm place in so many ways. The weather right now is warm.  The people are warm and welcoming.  From hospital staff, parents, bus drivers, hotel staff, we know we have come to a place that appreciates the distance that Rotaplast has come to deliver smiles. 

First time volunteers Jo (left) and Jean, got a glimpse of what is ahead during surgery days, when they put on scrubs and toured the OR. 

Udaipur screen4