Your Rotaplast team in Udaipur put in another successful day on Wednesday May 4th.


Today involved follow up on surgeries – as well as several new cases in our three OR rooms.

We are all so happy that our burn patient – Karma – is doing really well.  We are sensitive to those who are concerned about seeing the before and after photos of such a terribly disfigured little child. But, know this, he now looks like a little boy again.  We are all so happy and hope you are too.  It was a more than 3 hour procedure, but Karma is doing well today, his father is filled with joy.  It is a Rotaplast success.

Kalish is the 18-year-old patient with polio mentioned in an earlier blog post. In addition to lip repair, Kalish now has a new wheelchair bike for transportation.  This item, was purchased by the Rotaplast team members.  While it is not a direct part of our mission – – it was a gift from the heart of team mates who are proud to represent all of Rotary, our countries, communities and Rotaplast on this mission to Udaipur.

We have had several young patients named Asha.  There was another today.  Asha, you may recall means “hope”.  Rotaplast has meant hope to so many young India children during this visit to Udaipur.

Lastly meet Dr. Dave Dorfman, left, and Dr. Ronald Worland, right, and a family so grateful for the care their daughter received.

Patient 24 w family docsLR

We can see the end of this mission in sight, but there is no letting down. We are working hard to care for these children, to be responsible stewards of Rotaplast funds. We are honored to work with the Geetanjali hospital staff. We have had the support of the Udaipur Rotary Club. There are more reasons than we can say that Rotaplast is Rotary World Community Service at it’s finest.

All are well here. Russ Mazzola has been working in sterilizing along with Scott Rollins. Jim Pinnell has taken on assistant quartermaster duties. We anticipate a group photo to share with you all near the end of our journey. Internet connections have been spotty, but we hear that many of our family and friends have read our blog, and we pleased to pass along as much information as we can.


Namaste!  (Look it up !)