DSC_1007Baby, 21 has lived with an open palate for all of her 21 years.  As a child her cleft lip was fixed. Now the cleft in her palate is too large for a safe operation.DSC_1010

In order to help her, Biebie, the dentist made an obturator to cover the hole in her palate.  Now with speech therapy she has a chance to communicate without the stigma attached to unusual speech.

Baby lives in Halisahar, a village near by the hospital. Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Agrabad hung posters announcing the mission throughout this village and others.

DSC_0957Mohammed, 6 years old suffered a burn on his hand which resulted in his little finger fusing to his wrist causing impaired mobility of his wrist.DSC_1056Mohammed rests comfortably in recovery and can now look foward to full function of his wrist.

 DSC_0971Tanveer, 3 years old, is an adorable little sweetie.  She suffers from a fistula which is a small hole in her palate. This condition impairs speech as sounds don't develop correctly.

DSC_1051Tanveer's mother is very pleased with the results.