DSC_0200The team arrives at the Nurture General Hospital for our final day of surgery.  

DSC_0815"Nurture Centre for the Disabled and Paralyzed" was established by Nasreen Baqui.  Nasreen determined that there was a serious need for a rehab hospital in Chittagong.  She bought a plot of land on the outskirts of Chittagong, started fundraising, and built Nurture General Hospital. The Hospital is “to accommodate the needs of the poor, the diseased, and the paralyzed who cannot afford treatment in clinics and hospitals.DSC_0240Agnes, our Ward Coordinator from the Netherlands, has worked diligently ensuring that we have enough beds in the ward to accommodate all our patients.  Because of the high number of reconstructive burn surgeries, combined with the distance from the hospital many of the families live, many families are staying at the hospital until closing clinic.  DSC_0214Surgeons Brad, Todd, Jan, and Soma wait for the first surgeries of the day to be prepped. The schedule is full and we are anticipating a long day ahead.DSC_0026Anesthesiologists Jo and Joe and OR nurse Diane prepare the first patient of the day. DSC_0035 All three OR's started on time and on schedule.  Only one patient did not arrive for the day. DSC_0203One side of Probha Afrin's mouth is wider than the other.  Rotaplast repaired her mouth to be symmetrical.  DSC_0247 - CopyMom listens intently in the recovery room as she is given post-op care orders before going upstairs.DSC_0211Ridwan, 15, received a revision to his cleft lip today.DSC_0259 - CopyAlthough he's a little groggy in the recovery room, he is happy with his new lip after looking in a mirror.DSC_0207Yesterday, 7-month-old Saheed Hossain arrived at the hospital as a walk-in with his extended family.  A cousin heard that Rotaplast was in Chittagong the day before, so yesterday morning they packed up and traveled the 3 hours to get here.DSC_0250Saheed Hossain is a very fortunate little boy.  He was our first surgery of today.  Irena, OR nurse, carries him into the recovery room.DSC_0261 - CopyMom surveys her adorable little baby with his gorgeous new smile.