In addition to founding the Nurture Hospital, Nasreen Baqui also built a school near the hospital for the children of the nearby village.  This afternoon the school children paid a visit to the hospital to learn how to brush their teeth. They lined up outside before making their way to the 3rd floor inside.

DSC_0091Biebie first instructs the children on the proper use of the toothbrush using some very excited volunteers.DSC_0103This child is happy to demonstrate for his classmates.  DSC_0131After toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste where distributed, all the children got into the act.

DSC_0135Once all the brushing was complete, the music started and some of the older children danced for everyone's entertainment. Everyone enjoyed seeing the toothbrush demonstration including our patients.  Those that were able, came down to join in the fun!