DSC_0720Meet Uma. Uma, 2, came to Rotaplast last year to fix her bilateral cleft lip.  She returned this year to fix her cleft palate.  Her mother considers Umi very unlucky because of all she has endured in her young life. However, she is thankful that Rotaplast is here to help.  She and her daughter traveled 5 hours to get here. DSC_0765

 DSC_0734Shariar, 2, is a playful happy little boy with an outgoing personality.  He loves chasing, reaching, and catching soap bubbles.  After a successful palatoplasty, and with speech therapy, Shriar stands a very good chance of developing proper speech.

DSC_0690Mashrafee, 7, is the youngest of 5 children.  At one-year-old, he dipped his hand in scalding oil while his mother was cooking. He has lived with a malformed right hand since then. His family recently saw a poster in the local village market announcing the Rotaplast mission to Chittagong.  They made the two hour bus ride to get here. DSC_0783Mashrafee required a skin graft onto his right hand in order to gain mobility of his fingers.  His mother shows concern while she comforts Mashrafee in recovery.