DSC_0812Sharmin and Tasrin welcome us this morning from the balcony of the post-op ward.  They are joyful and are delighted to share their coloring artwork and speak English with us.  They are both recovering from hand burns.DSC_0963


DSC_0953We've combined the post-op and pre-op wards to one floor which made this morning's rounds crowded but practical for the medical staff that stays overnight to care for the patients.DSC_0978The main schedule is located on a wall in the recovery room.  It shifts and changes each day.  Post-it notes with patient information is moved depending on various factors including the child arriving with a cold, patients not showing up, and other medical factors.  New patients are added when a slot opens up.  This requires our local interpreters calling the patient's family to inform them that their child will receive a life changing surgery.  DSC_0778Head Nurse Kim is doing a fantastic job of keeping the schedule on track under adverse conditions and challenging situations.  

DSC_0375Jan, the team sterilizer, works tirelessly in a large room alongside our supplies. 

DSC_0645Fatenia Binte, 8 months old, came to Rotaplast to be evaluated two days into surgery. She has a unilateral complete cleft lip.  Today she had her life changing surgery.