Day 4 and we can now start operating on some of the children that we met yesterday. Today was a long yet very rewarding day! We saw lives change before our eyes and families that were drawn to tears after seeing their children with a new smile!

We started the day out in the children's ward of the hospital getting the kids ready for surgery and ….playing with bubbles!!




Dr. Bryan Stamm is preparing Heidy for her operation.

Meanwhile downstairs…….

The team is getting ready for the first day of surgery!!




Our patient transporter, George, taking our first patient, Michael to the operating room. 



Michael's doctors, Dr. Rod, Dr. Ron, and Dr. Gagan!


Michael's Anesthesiologist Dr. Mark, Michael and his mother, and our wonderful translator and mom to all, Maria!!



Mama Maria making Esteban smile before going in for surgery. Great job Maria!!  


Angel came in next and was accompanied by his father, Maria-Antionetta Ramirez (a volunteer at the hospital) and Maria.



Here is Nurse Debbie comforting Angel. Surgical procedures can be scary for any person, but especially for children. Having a fabulous person like nurse Debbie to comfort the children really makes a big difference!