In the morning we moved the mission supplies and equipment to Hospital Universitario San Jorge. Later hospital director, Dr. Juan Carlos Restrepo, along with key members of his staff and representatives of Club Rotario Perla del Otún, formally welcomed the team to the hospital.

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Rotarian Olmedo Ochoa opened the orientation meeting with a moment of silence for Rotaplast volunteers who recently passed away and then introduced Dr. Delaney, the mission’s medical director, Drs. Tolarova and Tolar, who lead the genetics research project, and Dr. Juan Carllos, who thanked Rotaplast for coming to Pereira. Dr. Delaney then introduced key members of her medical team.  As this is a teaching hospital, we will be working with medical students on this mission.

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As we toured the facility, Dr. Juan Carlos explained some of the recent additions and improvements including the new neonatal intensive care unit, which is under construction.