The team was taken to the hospital in a school
van donated by Rotary Clubs from Districts 4280 and 7450. As this was the first day of surgery, Drs. Kowalczyk and Delaney briefed the entire team on emergency procedures.

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Family members, local Rotarians, and Rotaplast volunteers entertained the patients in the waiting room. When ready Rotaplast Patient Transporter, Andy Johanson, took the patients to the Operating Room. Andy is a long time Rotaplast volunteer who has been on prior missions to Pereira. There will be more on the reunions with patients he knows from  prior missions later.

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Quartermaster Sam Flaherty dispensed hand made quilts that the patients take home when discharged. These quilts were donated by Rotarians.

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Following surgery Dr. Mark Singleton carried several of the patients to the recovery room himself. When the patients woke up, they were  joined by happy family members.

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Patients and family members expressed their joy and appreciation to Rotaplast volunteers, Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Singleton and Lead Recovery Room Nurse, Luisa Poquiz, among others.

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As indicated in the first post, this mission includes a genetic research and education program aimed at understanding the causes and developing a prevention protocol for cleft lip and palate anomalies. Here Dr. Tolar directs the preparation of blood samples for transport, storage and gene sequencing.

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