The schedule was full today; the surgeons completed 9 procedures 4 of which required bone grafts. The patients ranged in age from 3 to 29 years. While some of the improvements are externally visible, others, such as cleft palate repair, are internal and address issues with breathing, feeding and speech. The process begins in the waiting room, where Dr. Goldberg explains what will happen and answers questions from patients and family members. The objective is to reduce anxiety by allowing everyone involved to understand the process.

IMG_0326Volunteers assist and entertain the patients while they wait to be called for surgery.

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Volunteer Andy Johanson reunited with 3 patients that he knows from prior missions to Pereira. One of them, Karen, found him after she was discharged to say good bye. This was Karen’s 3rd procedure. Andy recalls that she fell in love with his pink rabbit puppet during the first meeting. He gave it to her. IMG_0461