Rosa is 2 years and 8 months old. She lives with her parents and 3 siblings on a reservation for indigenous Colombians. When her father attempted to make an appointment for her at the nearest clinic in Mistrató, he was told that the surgery was beyond their capability. He was encouraged to go the Rotaplast Mission in Pereira.

Their trip to Pereira took 12 hours. The journey started with a 5 hour walk to a back road where they boarded a Willys Jeep for the ride to Mistrató. From Mistrató they took a bus to Pereira. Understandably Rosa was not a happy camper at Opening Clinic following that ordeal.

In Rosa’s culture, women do not attend school. They speak only their native Indian language so at clinic communication with her mother was difficult. Rosa was scheduled for cleft lip and palate surgery the following week. Rosa and her parents returned to Pereira the day before her procedure. Rotary provided meals and accommodations at a hostel during their visit. Fortunately her father can read and speak Spanish so clear communication was possible.


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