Today the number of scheduled surgeries swelled from six to 11. We began the morning by a line of walk in patients hoping for a chance at surgery for their child or, in some cases, themselves. Consultations and schedule changes was the order of the day.



Our first patient, four-year-old Sadia was a bit timid and scared and hung on to Mom as she carried her to the OR ward. She’s here for palate surgery today.


One-year old Mujakkir shares a happy smile while playing in pre-op.


Later, his mother holds and comforts Mujakkir as he sleeps in her arms in the PACU.


It was a day where all hands were needed; transporting patients, helping in recovery, charts, and especially interpreting.

Dr. Tajkia teaches at the Sylhet Women’s Medical Hospital and College. She’s been a tremendous help to the team, translating and securing the necessary medicine we need. Her family owns and operates a tea garden and factory.


She and her mother, Attorney Nargis Sultana were so kind to host the team at the tea garden yesterday during our day off with lunch and a tour of the factory. Nargis cooked us a delicious meal of various dishes including tilapia raised in ponds on the plantation.