There are two volcanoes overlooking Retalhuleu, as we looked out the window during morning rounds, we noticed that the smaller volcano had erupted. Actually, the “eruption” was more akin to a volcano “burp” rather than an eruption. The surgeries were not interrupted:


The nurse and anesthesiologist slowly wake up the patient and then take the patients to the PACU.


Nurse Paulette takes a little tyke with IV in tow to the PACU.


Nurse Lois is the mobile IV holder this time, with Dr. Stephen carrying the baby in its new blanket.

PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) a/k/a Recovery Room was manned by the Sandys:  Sandy Stabile, RN of Fremont, CA and Sandra  Chase, RN of Bothell, WA, as well as Jasmine Patel, the PACU Assistant from Chino Hills, CA take care of the patients when they were brought from the Operating Room to the PACU by the OR Nurse and Anesthesiologist.

The Anesthesiologist goes over the medications administered during surgery as the patients are handed off to PACU.


The PACU Nurses work with the parents as the children wake up from surgery.

Nurse Sandra gets help with the “no nos” these are padded bands put on the child’s arms so they won’t touch their faces.


The special donated blankets are very medicinal as well.


The parents dispense TLC.  Watch over the children and start administering liquids and . . . tender loving care.


Medical studies have shown that balloons speed post op recovery.


The transformations begin:

Brandon & has Father before surgery


Brandon is still a bit groggy after surgery, but still gives the thumbs up.


Rosa before surgery


Rosa after surgery



Eunice post surgery


The parent’s smile is worth all the effort . . .