His name is Christian Hernandez Malave. He is 13 years old and has already had 4 cleft surgeries. He and his mom drove 5 hours from their home in San-Felix near the Brazilian border to hopefully have another revision surgery on his lip. His mother, Jacklin, said it was his idea to come to Cumana.

He has such a great attitude and is so happy to be having the surgery the nurses and volunteers fell in love with him.

His Mom said, he does not want to be different from his friends any longer and is willing to undergo the surgery to make it happen. She is hopeful he will be happier and his interest in education will improve. He is in the 2nd grade of middle school and is just doing fair.

After arriving the day before the clinic and waiting for almost a week, Hernandez had his surgery on Day 5. The surgery was a success with no complications. He was discharged to return home the day after surgery.