Well the last day of surgery is upon us. Everyone lined up at the hotel entry to wait for the buses which unfortunately were a bit late. We all have mixed emotions about today. Happy to know we will be home soon but sad knowing we will be leaving behind many kids that still need our help.

Once we got to the hospital the routine started again. The schedule was posted on the wall outside the surgery rooms. Changes begin almost immediately to accommodate no-shows and other patient issues.


Infants were first on the schedule so they did not have to wait any longer than absolutely necessary without being feed.


Brian and Jaime are starting to plan what needs to be done and when to move out of the surgical hospital and what is needed for the post-surgery clinic tomorrow.


We also honor the hospital staff and volunteers today with a certificate and small gifts to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to our mission. The doctors and others also give gifts to people that were especially helpful to them.


Today was also the day local TV stations came in to film and interview various staff and volunteers. We performed 17 surgeries today so we left the hospital on a high note. Tomorrow is the post-surgery clinic where we get to see the patients one more time for final exam by the surgeons.