There is so much need. This is why we come. From all over the area, some as far as 200 km, they come with the hope that “the disfigurement can be fixed.”

Clinic is where the patients are evaluated and given the green light for surgery.  The first stop is registration.

DSC_0263Next, their photo is taken for the record keeping.

IMG_8240Third, their vitals are taken.

DSC_0607Next, they see the surgeons and anesthesiologists who evaluate their potential for surgery.

DSC_0653The fifth stop is the pediatricians who make sure they are healthy enough for surgery.

DSC_0450Finally, Orthodontics and Genetics.

DSC_0624It is a long day for the children and their parents.  Perhaps waiting to hear if their child is going to have surgery is the hardest part.

DSC_0143Hopefully we’ll see this one and all the others this coming week!

DSC_0177The 2015 Faridabad Rotaplast Team!