The first day of surgery begins. Baby Juaquin laughs with his mom before being taken to the Operation Room for surgery on his cleft lip.  DSC_1647Medical Director Dr. Angelo Capozzi performs Juaquin’s surgery.

DSC_1523Luci is another one of everyone’s favorite patients, a bubbly little girl that is so full of energy and smiles she couldn’t help but make everyone smile back.


DSC_1530 Anesthesiologist Dr. Salman Dasti brings Lucy back to the OR while other families anxiously wait outside the doors.

DSC_1585PACU assistant Leslie Purchase gets creative and constructs NoNos out of a cardboard box and packing tape. Pacu nurses Ligaya Agustin and Kaori Hanazawa are going to need those when patients start coming out of surgery so that they can not touch their faces or mouths.

DSC_1681Baby Juaquin says goodbye to mom and heads off for his surgery with OR nurse Judith Cummings, RN.

DSC_1706In the midst of the chaos of the first days of surgery, our diligent Speech Pathologist Marlene Salas-Provance, PhD continues her intakes and assessments in a nearby clinic room. Here we see her using an endoscope to examine the throat of a 22-year-old patient named Fermina. Fermina has pervasive hypernasality, causing her to be unable to speak normally. Soon she will be scheduled for a surgery called palatoplasty to correct this.


Back in the OR, Anesthesiologist Dr. Jeffrey Lewis brings back Mateo for surgery.

DSC_1580Dr. James Lehman expertly repairs a complex cleft palate with the help of Dr. Bernardo and our medical student.

DSC_1654Luci finally makes it out of surgery and is held by mom and wrapped in her Rotary quilt generously crafted and donated by a local Rotary club. She is escorted out by the multi-talented Quartermaster Dan Joraanstad and local Rotary host Nancy.


Baby Juaquin emerges from the OR as well, to the arms of his overjoyed Mom.