Today an 8-month-old boy named Jersey will have his cleft lip repaired. He and his mother have traveled from 18 hours away from Jircan, Peru by bus to have his surgery.

DSC_1728Dr. Capozzi examines Juaquin during morning rounds in the pediatric ward.  Juaquin’s repair went well, and he will be discharged home today.

DSC_1761Patient transporter Dr. John Kaufmann takes a child with his mother into the recovery area.  DSC_1801Medical staff crowd around a patient and his mother in the recovery area to make sure he awakens from anesthesia without complications.   DSC_1811Daniel Joraanstad and Anesthesiologist Dr. Annette Keochekian organize the medical supply room and despite the tight quarters, keep smiles on their faces.  DSC_1876Dr. Samuel Maurice performs Jersey’s surgery in the middle of a hospital power outage. His skill and determination to finish the surgery despite having limited light was truly the highlight of the day.  DSC_1938Jersey recovers with his mother and a handmade Rotary quilt a few minutes later.  DSC_1898Dr. James Lehman begins a complex LeFort surgery with the assistance of local resident Sam Bustamante.