Day three of surgeries went well for our team with some wiggly but adorable little patients. Many patients were discharged to go home but will be back in a few days to meet with our doctors to do a follow up on their progress after surgery.

Brian Walker has been an amazing Missions Director with all the behind the scenes organizing, planning and finalizing for hotels, meals and transport during all of our travel as well as here at the hospital in Chittagong.

Assisting our Missions Director is our Quartermaster Chris Brannan. Chris has been constantly traveling all around Chittagong buying more toys for the kids in recovery, finding more supplies we have needed for medical procedures as well as snacks and any other little things throughout the day that we may need.

Medical Records are kept and filled out under the diligent and watchful eye of Barbara Spangler. She has constantly been revising and rewriting our daily schedules for the operating rooms, working with the local Rotarians to call and follow up on our patients before and after surgery.

Our Photojournalist is Katie Uemura who has been all over snapping hundreds of pictures before, during and after surgeries. Constantly documenting the day to day life in the hospital for the patients and their families she occasionally finds time to get out from behind the camera and visit the recovery ward.

Matthew Cendejas is our PACU Assistant and he along with our Patient Transporter David Perez help our patients, their families and nurses in comforting our patients, playing with them and helping them from the PACU to the Recovery Ward.

Our Occupational Therapist Kristin Koch has been wonderful in her splint making and working with our patients after surgeries to insure proper healing.

Megan McAllister is our Ward Coordinator and works with our Pediatrician to keep the recovery ward moving smoothly. Making sure the patients are prepped and ready for their surgeries and given the care they need while back in recovery.

Last but certainly not least is our ever so important Sterilizer Ted Alex. Ted works wonders with the sterilizing machine and makes sure all of our equipment and surgical tools are stored safely and properly sterilized for each surgery.