Day two of surgeries was a bit hectic for our team but we came together and completed 11 successful surgeries. Today our patients ranged in age from 4 months old to their late twenties. Watching our doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists work their magic with each individual patient was such an amazing experience.

In the operating room our three Anesthesiologist: Dr. Michael Johnston, Dr. Judy O’Young, and Dr. Leonard Lee, keep a watchful eye on our patients after giving them a general anesthetic, some patients only receive a local anesthetic depending on the procedure. During surgery they monitor the patients’ alertness, airways,  temperature, blood pressure, heart beat and oxygen levels in their blood.

The team of doctors in our group is simply mesmerizing to watch in the operating room. Lead by Dr. Hootan Daneshmand, Drs. Milton Solis, Matthew Pogodzinski, and Karla Werninghaus have and continue to repair burn scar tissue, cleft lips and many more procedures.

Our OR nurses, Judy Cummings and Judi Weinstein-Ruben, keep the operating room running smoothly and assist our doctors during surgeries, making sure the doctors have everything they need for each surgery and ensuring the patients comfort and well being.

After surgeries our patients are taken to our Post Anesthetic Care Unit or PACU recovery room under the care of Registered Nurses Terri Patrin and Bruce Hickey. While in the PACU the patients are cared for and monitored closely while waking up from the anesthesia.

Our Pediatricians, Dr. Katherine Gallagher and Nurse Practitioner Karen Davis; evaluate, monitor and follow up on our patients making sure they are given proper doses of pain medication, fluids and care after their surgeries.

The medical students and staff at the Southern Medical University Hospital here in Chittagong are so eager to learn, observe and help during the surgeries. It is truly amazing how a small group of medical professionals can come together from all over the world in just a few short days to use their talent and knowledge to work wonders on these sweet children and young adults here in Chittagong.