The ninth day of our mission begins with what by now has become a familiar pattern. However we know that once we get to the hospital patients and events will make the day anything but routine.

We board the bus to the hospital with a police escort waiting out in front to get us through the intense morning traffic.

Medical Director Dr. David Low checks one of yesterday’s surgery patients during his morning rounds in the ward.

Surgeon Rod Simonds begins his first surgery of the day.

The stamina and dedication of our surgeons is amazing. Their days are filled with long hours standing on their feet while making precise motions with their hands. Having to have their head constantly craned over during an operation, results in many surgeons experiencing persistent back and neck problems. It is inspirational to remember that they are doing this for free in order to help poor children in a distant land.

Meanwhile, everything is calm in the PACU. It is the calm before the storm…

The storm arrives and his name is Yefferson. He came out of anesthesia and immediately began to struggle and attempted to stand on the gurney. Here PACU Assistant Carmen Sigler helps his mother to calm him down.

Meet Franklin

During the clinic day, Franklin was immediately recognized by some team members who remembered him from the 2016 Retalhuleu, Guatemala mission. At that time, he captured many hearts. Marguerite Fleming, PACU assistant on that mission, was so captivated by him that she entrusted Assistant Mission Director Cyndie George with a quilt that she had specially selected for him.

In 2016 he had cleft lip surgery and now he is here to have additional surgery to close gum and nose fistulas.

Franklin gets a wheelchair ride to the operating room with Mom.

OR nurse Letecia Misterio helps Franklin onto the operating table.

PACU Nurse Alicia Brassil keeps a close eye on him during his recovery in the PACU.

Franklin is almost fully recovered the next morning in the post operation ward. He has lost none of his charm.

Ashlin’s Surgery Day

Ashlin is such a beautiful baby and one could not look at her without feeling the urge to help her. Let’s follow her through her day of surgery and her path to a brighter future.

Ashlin waits with her mother for her turn in surgery.

Pediatrician Joe Herbert makes sure that Ashlin is well enough to undergo surgery today.

It is now time to go into the operating room. We are all confident that great things are going to happen. Her smiling mother believes that her daughter is very lucky to get this opportunity for a better life.

Ashlin is prepared for surgery.

Anesthesiologist Dr. David Li hand carries little Ashlin after surgery. He is well aware that he is part of something truly special.

Ashlin is once again back in the arms of her mother in the PACU. What has happened in a very short time is nothing short of a miracle.

As the day draws to a close, we are surprised to realize that there is only one more day of surgery. Tomorrow is expected to be very full as the surgery schedule has been expanded with two additional (walk-in) patients.