Rotaplast has been changing the lives of children for 25 years and those in Lima and its surrounding areas since 2009. It’s no surprise then that Speech Pathologist Dr. Marlene Salas-Provance and a former patient would be happy to see one another again this year.After landing in Lima from the States, it’s all hands on deck as the first order of business is to gather the 35 boxes full of essential medical supplies, including anesthesia machines and an autoclave to sterilize surgical instruments, on to a truck and to the hospital.With the first day dedicated to travel, the second is focused on preparing for the work ahead. The group of 32 medical and non-medical volunteers toured the expansive and busy campus of Lima’s Hospital Nacional Arzobispo Loayza and were able to get a sense of the facilities in which they would be working.

Rotaplast Co-Founder Dr. Angelo Capozzi, Head Nurse James Galloway, and Mission Director Evelyn Abad discuss the best scheduling strategy for the next 12 days.Unlike previous missions here, this year’s will concentrate more on patients requiring maxillofacial surgery.