Being part of the Rotaplast team means that everyone is vital to the mission, no matter the position held. And sometimes, members are pressed into service other than their assignment, like anesthesiologist Arun Rama who helps carry Elvis to the pediatric ward following his surgery.

The first few days were exciting as surgeries got underway in three operating suites. Surgeon Gagan Sabharwal is focused on his work as surgeon Angelo Capozzi observes.

Surgeon Sam Maurice, who also participated in Rotaplast last year in Lima, finishes up on a patient.Anesthesiologists play a critical role in the operating room monitoring the patient’s vitals, as lead anesthesiologist Stephen Layne does here.

Matt Schindler, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, keeps his eye on a patient’s breathing.

After surgery, patients head to the post-anesthesia care unit, known more simply as the PACU. Nurse Tami Schindler holds 2-month-old Alejandra.

When it is determined the patient has adequately recovered from anesthesia, it’s off to the pediatric ward. Lead PACU nurse Sandy Stabile leads the way with a mother carrying her child. Translator Marcella Ramos is on hand if the mother has any questions.

Patients spend several hours waiting before they head into surgery, so it is the role of Recreation Therapist Mary Ann Anvet to keep them entertained with activities such as creating something on a loom.Robin Smith, right, is in charge of the ward and ensures each patient is in the correct bed and accounted for before and after surgery. It often means collaborating with the pediatricians on hand, in this case nurse practitioner Nan Madden.

Behind the scenes is Joe Grasso, who all day provides sterilized instruments to the surgeons. 

Two days of surgery may be in the books, but many patients await. Surgeons Gagan Sabharwal and Chris Olynik confer with orthodontist Paul Helpard on the next day’s cases.